Tatari Repositioning
The roadmap to growth
Since launching 7 years ago, Tatari’s core product focus and audience profile had changed dramatically. In considering their future roadmap and growth ambitions it was clear they needed to update their strategic offering, preparing to move away from managed services to a self-serve platform.

As long term strategic and creative partners, A LINE were engaged to help Tatari evolve their positioning and supporting brand architecture, then bring this new direction to life across an updated digital experience.

Brand Architecture
Brand Strategy
Website UX & UI 

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The way forward
After examining the existing product architecture and naming to understand the evolution needed for future business requirements, we worked with the Tatari team to establish the three primary audiences as brands, agencies and publishers. We then explored potential supporting architectures and naming structures before settling on a simple endorsed brand structure.

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Creating clarity
With a deep dive into the existing site to inform key user journeys, we prototyped user flows to support each primary audience and identify the content needed to drive high-quality MQL’s.

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Bridging the gap
The task for the UI was to establish an updated UI system that could bridge the gap between new and existing pages, while staying within the existing brand identity. Our goal was twofold. Simplify all page elements to drive consistency, and introduce brand-led animations to create audience engagement.

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Forward with impact
New hero messaging was implemented across the site, with updated value props and RTB’s for brand, agency, and publisher audiences created based on Tatari’s existing tone of voice principles.

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Made to move
Animation was used for all key brand storytelling moments, with videos created for each of the key audiences. Objectives were to showcase clients such as Nutrafol, Calm, Glossier, and Truebill, while continuing to build the Tatari brand. We landed on a bold, typographical-driven design language that felt unique and own-able while also allowing us to communicate the platform benefits without the need for complex visual metaphors.
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