Forward by Tatari
A forum for the future of TV advertising.
Forward, by Tatari was conceived as a series of thought leadership events focused on shining a light on the future of TV advertising. By bringing thought leaders and luminaries from media and publishing together with marketing leadership from some of the worlds best brands, the goal was to discuss one important topic - What does TV advertising look like for the brands of the future? 
A LINE was approached by Tatari to create a name and visual identity for the event series, with the brief of creating a brand that felt bold, futuristic, smart, intimate, informative, and fun. The first event in the series is planned for late 2022 in New York City.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
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The idea for the name was born from the future focus of the event. In an industry as fast moving as media, and where the only acceptable movement is forward, this felt like a natural fit.

As it was important for the event to be strongly associated with Tatari, we used the existing Tatari design system as a springboard, however evolved it to feel bolder and more futuristic. The pixel-based design language was used to construct a graphic "F" symbol, and the color palette was simplified to work with the more limited number of brand applications needed.

Finally, a series of motion assets were created to showcase the flexibility of the design system and support digital signage at the event.

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