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Unstoppable Domains is on a mission to return the power of the Internet to the people. Backed by investors including Coinbase Ventures and Draper Associates, their goal is to create a user-owned digital identity for every person on the planet. A LINE was engaged to develop a new brand identity that could create clear market differentiation while supporting Unstoppable’s huge partner ecosystem. 
Unstoppable Domains
Web 3.0

Brand Identity
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Domains with superpowers
Unstoppable lets users own and manage their identities in the decentralized digital world. Through NFT domains secured by the blockchain, users can build their digital identities, make and receive crypto payments, and use a single sign-in across Web 3.0.

Evolution, not revolution
Initial user research indicated positive equity in the existing Unstoppable logomark, so instead of going back to the drawing board, we focused on evolving the existing brand system. The goal was a bolder, more modern identity that worked better across key digital brand applications. 
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Over 3.4m domains sold and registered 
Raised a Series A at a $1B valuation 
Integrated with over 300 partners, including OpenSea, Coinbase, and Polygon.  
Generated over $80m in sales 
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