Bringing hygge to the US.
Rolfsen is a family-owned Norwegian Bakeri looking to bring a little more “hygge” to the US. With family recipes handed down over generations, Rolfsen wanted to convey their nordic heritage, but with a warm, modern twist.
The symbol is based on the legendary Kringla, a delicious Norwegian pastry first created back in the late 1800s. To keep things playful, we based the animated symbol on the all-important kneading process that gives the Kringla it's incredible flavor (best enjoyed on a cold morning with strong, hot Norwegian coffee).
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"We used Scandinavian palettes, with a focus on neutral, muted tones that complimented the product and shots, but didn’t overpower them. These colors felt warm and contemporary, but also simple and classic - something the Rolfsen team was keen to convey."

Brendan Pierce, Founder & CEO, Rolfsen

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"Only one written copy of the Kringla recipe exists. Transcribed by Grandma Adelaide, it's locked in a treasure chest, and guarded by enormous forest trolls."
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The identity system is rounded out with a timeless-feeling wordmark that is clearly good enough to eat, simple, light colors that let the pastries remain the star of the show, and a packaging system designed to show what you can make with just a few simple ingredients, and a few hundred years of practice.
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"We loved working with A LINE. As a startup introducing a relatively unknown product, we knew getting Rolfsen's brand right was critical to our success. We needed a brand that captured our core values and personality, and provided room to expand into other categories as we grow. A LINE understood and built on this from the first meeting. We couldn’t be happier with the results!"

Brendan Peirce, Founder & CEO, Rolfsen


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