Love of Leeds
Passion. Grit. Drive.
Love of Leeds is a photographic documentation of the incredible sport and cultural explosion hitting the city of Leeds over the last few years. Created and captured by renowned photojournalist Jude Palmer, the project showcases world-class events including the Tour De Yorkshire, UCI World Cycling, Leeds Pride, Cricket World Cup, World Triathlon, and International Film Festival.
A LINE was proud to develop a brand identity system that both captured the passion, energy, and community at the heart of the project, and connected the worlds of sport, art, culture, and education.
Love of Leeds
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Brand Messaging & TOV
Brand Identity

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“Leeds is a city full of dynamic tensions. No nonsense, but full of warmth; rich with heritage, but built for the future; Proudly northern, but wonderfully multicultural. To capture these tensions we created a system that combined an angular "L" with a rich, warm colour palette, and then used the Founder Grotesk typeface to bring a no-nonsense, heritage feel. The goal was something that would create immediate impact, complement the incredible photography, and be easy to work with."

James Trump, Creative Director.

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